2015 state of DevOps Report

2015 state of DevOps Report
2015 state of DevOps Report
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The fourth annual State of DevOps Survey confirms that IT performance provides real business value. High-performing IT organizations have a strong and positive impact on the overall performance of the organizations they serve. This year’s report also tells us:

  • High-performing IT organizations deploy 30x more frequently with 200x shorter lead times; they have 60x fewer failures and recover 168x faster.
  • Lean management and continuous delivery practices create the conditions for delivering value faster, sustainably.
  • High performance is achievable whether your apps are greenfield, brownfield or legacy.
  • IT managers play a critical role in any DevOps transformation.
  • Diversity matters.
  • Deployment pain can tell you a lot about your IT performance.
  • Burnout can be prevented, and DevOps can help.
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